Sunday, August 30, 2015

God's arms open in welcome

"Welcome, regardless." This sign in front of Messiah Episcopal Church, Murphy, NC, expresses God's nature. God's arms are open in love to every person. Regardless.

At Holy Communion today, Penny and I listened as the Messiah choir sang "The Welcome Table," an old African-American spiritual.

And we felt God's welcome of us: in the music; in the liturgy; in the moving sermon by the Lutheran pastor who serves this small congregation; and in our Holy Communion with God and these kind people.

The service over, the pastor then dismissed us for our service to God. His words were: "Go forth and be kind."

How might we be transformed by showing God's kindness to our very own selves?

How might wounded people, including those who have wounded us, be transformed when we show them kindness?

How might the world be transformed by our simple, steady acts of kindness?

May you know God's goodness, His everlasting kindness, and share it with everyone you meet.

And watch what happens.

Deep healing and peace be with you in Christ.


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  1. So enjoyed reading through your blog, Ken! Especially liked the one about the church in Murphy. Thank you for sharing your reflections -- very meaningful.


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