Monday, February 4, 2013


You've probably seen plenty of films in which a prisoner--his sentence served, a cheap suitcase in hand, and $20 in his pocket--steps through the prison gate and into a new life of freedom.

In the gospel today from Morning Prayer, Mark 7.24-27, Jesus sets a prisoner free. The prisoner in question is unable to hear or to speak.

And Jesus says to him, "Be opened." The man can hear. He can speak. And now, because of this encounter with the Living God, the man is released to a new life--one of sound and one with the Son of God, his Savior or Life-Giver.

How are you a prisoner? How is your life limited? From what do you need to be released?

Hear Jesus' words to you, "Be opened. Be released." Step through the gates of your prison to freedom and new life, that fullness of being in Him.

God bless you this week.