Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lean on me

In one of the Psalms, the writer says, "The Lord is my strength and salvation...."

Daily, I rely on the Psalms in my spiritual journey. They are like food and drink for this weary soul.

When I am scared, weak, confused, facing darkness of many kinds, I find the Psalmist usually speaking to my heart.

Actually, God is speaking to me in the Psalms (and in other words of the Holy Scriptures), strengthening me.

Medieval wall on Iona
In fact, just the other day, I read one of the Psalms--I can't remember which--wherein the Psalmist affirms "God strengthens" me.

God does the same for me again and again and again.

That strength is his grace or supernatural help. His grace it unseen, usually, except when I receive it in the consecrated Body and Blood of Jesus in the Holy Communion.

Seen or unseen, God's grace is powerful. It excerts the necessary pull or push in me so that I can do what I must do, bear what I must bear, persevere when it would be so easy for me to give up on God, turning instead to my own feckless power, intelligence, will.

Whatever happens, then, I know God will give me his fortifying help. I know it because I believe it.

I make no apology: I need God to lean on.

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