Monday, November 14, 2011

God is good

My email address incorporates this belief: God is good.

I saw that goodness unfold again this morning.

I had come home from my early morning date with The New York Times and a cup or two of bold coffee at Starbucks.

I looked out my front car window.

I saw it.

A big maple tree in the distance, its leaves bright in a brilliant pumpkin orange, standing against a slate-gray backdrop of sky, promising a shower.

It was an exquisite sight.

You'll have to take my word--or my description--for it. I forgot to take a photo.

The effect of this glimpse upon me was joy--joy that God had created such beauty, joy that I was alive to see it, joy.

God is the author of beauty, and beauty gives me joy.

Today, may I suggest, in words my teachers used to speak to me in a firm authoritative voice?

Pay attention.

Pay attention to what God wants to show you--and give you:

Pure joy.

Because God is good.

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  1. Thanks Uncle Kenny :) Wonderful reminder to take with me this week!

    Love you!


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