Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is this the best we can do?

I've just read online that the US Senate has approved legislation requiring that the volume on TV commercials be turned down.


I've been waiting for a lifetime for this dramatic, courageous act by one of our two legislative bodies. And now it's happened. I don't know what I'll do--how I'll celebrate.

But I'm cheering for how our 100 senators, Republicans and Democrats, "reached across the aisle," in Washington-speak, and did the nation's business and made this a better country for all people.

Our ears thank you.

And now that they've accomplished this major feat of lawmaking--and with House members ready to drop everything, including their plane tickets home for campaigning and return to their chamber, and with the president, pen in his left hand ready to sign this bill into law--perhaps our leaders will turn to other, less consequential matters.

Here are a few ideas:

How about legislation ensuring a clean planet for us, our children, and grandchildren? How about jobs for millions of unemployed Americans? How about spending as much for relief and recovery efforts in Pakistan and elsewhere as we spend on weapons for them?

And while our senators, representatives, and president are at it, how about showing you care less for your parties--and the Tea Party--and more for this country and all our citizens?

Now that would really be something. Something that would make this voter and a great many other voters proud of our government, because it's working, finally. Something that would really be worth a headline.

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  1. Way to go... I so agree.. If you and I can work together and be civil, even with out vastly different view of politics... Why not more working together. You and I can lead the way..Arm in arm hand in hand (maybe that's enough) Keep up the great blogging....


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