Thursday, June 3, 2010

What if?

Reading Matthew 14.13-21 during Morning Prayer today, I wondered:

What if the Kingdom of God that Jesus inaugurates is a radically new consciousness and experience?

Jesus' life and ministry reveal this kingdom, which is unlike any of the world's kingdoms.

Today, in the feeding of the multitude, he shows that this new consciousness and experience are not about scarcity, but about plenitude. Jesus takes virtually nothing--just a small bit of food--and turns it into a feast, with ample leftovers.

This feeding miracle reveals a larger and deeper reality, one that is hitherto hidden and which is discovered only by those who live that life that Jesus lives as God's son.

We enter this new kingdom consciousness and experience only by faith; and in doing so, we find what's always been there: the fullness of life, God's gift to us.

By faith alone, what if becomes what is.

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