Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The imitation of Christ

The other night, my grand daughter June Elizabeth and her Grammy were going to make Christmas sugar cookies.

Penny pulled out the cutting board from the counter and placed June's little footstool in front of it so she could reach the surface.

"Ken," Penny said. "Come look."

June was standing standing on the footstool, making the sign of the cross, and babbling the words, "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

At the cutting board, two-year-old June was imitating me as I stand at the beautiful wooden altar at Christ Church, as I make the sign of the cross, and as I say those holy words that priests have said for ages as we celebrate Christ's offering of himself for the salvation of all.

"Perhaps we'll have another priest in the family," I said to Penny.

Children learn by imitating. June Elizabeth and her sister, Christa Marie, are learning about worship--and faith in Christ--by being part of this church. This is their family of faith.

They see what others do at church and elsewhere, how we're all trying to live the Jesus life, call it, and they imitate us in doing so.

That's how June and Christa are learning; it's how we all learn to follow Christ.

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