Monday, September 21, 2009

What's your question?

Tom convinced me: it's time to do it.

Last week, I spent three days at our annual clergy conference at Conception Abbey in northern Missouri. It's a beautiful, holy, and peaceful spot.

Diocesan clergy heard from the Rev. Tom Ehrich, an Episcopal priest who used to be a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Now, among other ministries, Tom is a syndicated columnist and church and business consultant.

He told us how he asked 1000 people a question:

What one question would you like to ask God?

He heard from virtually everyone he contacted and responded, answering each question as best as he could.

For some time now, I've thought about doing something similar here. Tom convinced me it was time to act.

So, here's my invitation: If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Email me your question at or post it here at the end of this column.

Of course, I can't promise you that God will answer your question directly, but He might respond indirectly through me.

I pledge that I'll think about your question. I'll pray about it; I'll ask God to answer your question through me. And then I (God?) will respond to you.

Oh, yes, here's my question to God:

How's everything going to turn out for us?

I'll start thinking, praying, and listening to God right now.

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  1. So many come to mind. Some seem childish and selfish when I type them: Is my Mother in heaven with my Father? Will I join them? Do dogs/cats go to heaven? Some are silly: Can you create a rock so heavy you can't lift it? And some are more profound: What did the holocaust happen? If you want us to love you, why are you so hard to find? But when I stop and really center on Christ, my only question can be the one I ask everyday: How can I serve you more fully?

    The secret is not in knowing the answers, but in asking the right questions.




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