Sunday, June 14, 2009

More beauty

I can't get enough beauty.

Yesterday, wife Penny, daughter Clare, and graddaughters June Elizabeth and Christa Marie and I spent a few joyful hours at the Close Memorial Gardens at Nathanael Greene Park here in Springfield. I've written glowlingly about the gardens before. And here I am doing it again.

Visit and be sure to take in the new Butterfly Garden. And of course the English Garden is always a delight.

June Elizabeth and her mama had fun feeding Sun Chips to the ducks. June Elizabeth added to her vocabulary: Quack and Duck are among her newest words, along with No and Bye, Bye. See-ya. She's nearly two, I should tell you.

Take time for beauty. Today.


The Friends of the Gardens has a blog of its own, which I commend to you. In fact, here's a post sent to me by the chair of the FOG board.

Rev Chumbley:

Peter Longley shared this with me today.

I just read your descriptive blog posting A Beauty Break. Your writing is a special presentation about a local garden paradise structured by man, using Gods creations and directed by Gods hand.

I am George Deatz, President of Friends of the Garden, the suport group developing the gardens at Close Memorial Gardens & Park. After reading your posting, I would very much like to post your posting to our blog

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

George Deatz

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